Birthday wishes for aunt – Messages, quotes, greetings and sayings


Birthday Wishes For Aunt 
Messages, quotes, greetings and sayings

Hope for a great day, because you’re one year older  today and you’re becoming the best in every single way. Happy Birthday!

God couldn’t be everywhere so he created you. Happy Birthday, Auntie!

Believe it or not, I’m always thinking about you and how much you mean to meand our family. You are a special part of my life and I’m grateful that you’re my aunt. 

Aunt, without you there were many occassions I would have missed, things I could nothave achieved and I don’t think I would have grown into the person I am without your influence. Happy Birthday!

Aunts like you are precious and few. With aunt like you dreams come true.

May your birthday be beautiful and special just like you! Happy Birthday, Auntie!

There aren’t many like you around, Auntie. Just like a twinkling pearl, you are gorgeous. Just like a truffle, you are just too sweet! Just like a diamond, youare precious. I just love having you in my life! Happy Birthday!

Aunt, may your heart be filled wilth light and love, may your life be touched by beauty, and may your home be warm with happiness.

I have so many wonderful women in my life. You are definitely one of them.
appreciate all that you do and love you dearly. Happy Birthday to you, Aunt.

Aunt: A cherished friend and personal cheerleader who will always see you through rose colored glasses. Happy Birthday!

Today is the best day for sharing this…You are a fantastic aunt and
I wish you
every happiness! Happy Birthday!


The best years of your life are about to come. Wishing you an unforgettable birthday!

Aunts like you are precious and few and grows more precious as time goes by. Happy Birthday Auntie!

May God’s blessings fill your day and your life. You are always in my thoughts  and in my prayers. I love you! Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt!

Bring the noise! This is the one time you won’t have to use your inside voice! Very Happy Birthday Auntie!

Aunts like you are worth their weight in gold. You’re a helper to all, no matter how young or old. You’re a great example of what a great aunt should be. I’m so happy that you are that great aunt to me! Happy Birthday!

I hope that your birthday is full of dreams that magically come true and wonderful things that are especially for you! Happy Birthday, Aunt!

Congratulations to a super special woman. A woman with a smile that can melts mountains. A woman that always stands by my side. An amazing woman that I love so much. Happy Birthday Auntie!