21st Birthday Ideas


21st Birthday Ideas

Party Idea
It’s time for a crazy retro party on the roof or in your yard.
Check list: cool music, plenty of meat and hot girls.
Because you officially legal highly recommended to buy Alcoholic beverages.
It is important to remember – if you drink do not drive.

four girls, retro party, yellow light

Cake Idea
The most important part is of course the cake at the party.
Baby or adult teeth are less powerful but at 21 you are allowed to get wild so go for the chocolate cake.
Chance for errors in preparing very low.
See recipe in the link  – Chocolate cake recipe.
After cutting the cake into pieces it looks like this:

chocolate cake, slices

Gift Idea
Its very easy task. Buy him or her a bottle of Johnny Red and write next to it  – now you are legal.

And If you still want some help to organize your 21st party check out this cool video :

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