Best 21st birthday wishes

Best 21st Birthday Wishes And Messages

I think a night in jail is worth drinking 10 gallons of beer. Happy 21st birthday!

21 years of happiness have passed. You’ll beg to get them back.

Beer with birthday message ecard

Happy 21st birthday to my future partner in crime!

All the best on your special day. Happy 21st Birthday!

If life is a long movie your 21st birthday is your premiere. Happy birthday!

Compared to the age of 1 you are an adult, but compared to the age of 100 you’re a little baby.

 Happy ‘ hot girls , lot of drinking, crazy, rockin, fun and sex ‘ Birthday to you.

 Good job! You’re finally 252 months old. 

I’m glad you were born. Now we can drink together. Happy 21st Birthday!

21 percent of your life have already passed. I’m sorry for you!

Now you can legally do what you’ve done since you were 1.

Happy 20th anniversary of your 1st Birthday.

I’m not so good in birthday wishes so I just say – The wish is father to the thought.

Your 21st birthday makes you the most special person in the world! Happy Birthday!

I think about you all year long, but today I think about you even more. Happy birthday sexy.